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Paul Paray dirige Hector Berlioz

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Symphonie Fantastique (IV) Marche au supplice
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Enregistrement Mercury du 28 novembre 1959

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Oh my God! Wow!!! Are you ready to be terrorized by a March that literally makes you feel as if you ARE the person being marched to the scaffold or a Witch's Sabbath that makes you feel as if Witches are right there harassing you? For the longest time I merely listened to the Symphonie Fantastique as a disinterested onlooker of the proceedings depicted in the music. I never felt an involvement with the music because of the performers involved---UNTIL NOW!!

This is absolutely a must-buy for any and all interested parties. I never really got into this music (even though buying many recordings) and thought to myself "why should I buy another?" The Amazon review gave me the impetus to buy and as a SACD I can honestly say this is the way it should be done.

There is a slight brashness in the overall sound and the reverb is done a little much, but my God what a totally involving recording!! I am simply shaking after listening to this recording--it is that involving AND terrifying. This is an unqualified recommendation for a recording that I know has been a benchmark for many. Munch's XRCD is an excellent rendition, but with his recording I sense a smoothing over of the sonorities. Paray gives us the grittiness and bite of a composition by a man (Berlioz) who put so much of himself into the composition. In this recording I feel as if I'm the one having the dream.

Buy this only if you're ready to be put into the action as THE one having the dream!! You want to wake up in the middle of the night and cover your head with the covers? Honestly, this recording is nightmare inducing. Go ahead I dare you!!

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